‘Microsoft has not turned its back on indie devs’

The belief that Microsoft is neglecting its relationship with indie developers is incorrect, one studio has insisted.

Sony has gone to great lengths to ensure that its ties with both independent and owned developers are strong. The same cannot be said for Microsoft, if common belief is to be believed.

This notion is backed up with a handful of horror stories about Microsoft’s dealings with indie studios and ill-feeling about the prominence (or lack of) given to its Indie Games section in the new Xbox 360 dashboard layout.

But Scandinavian dev Press Play, which is Microsoft owned and is currently working on XBLA title Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, says that the criticisms don’t ring true.

"I think people are wrong if they don’t think Microsoft are looking into [its relationship with indies], and trying to do what they can to adjust to how the market is changing,” lead designer Mikkel Thorsted told Eurogamer.

Of course they are, and it’s actually also visible if you look at XBLA – there are free-to-play games, and there are more and more updates. It’s a huge organisation, and they might be slow but they’re definitely heading in the right direction.

"I don’t think Microsoft would have acquired us if they weren’t interested in indies. I think everyone knows that they’re important."

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