Microsoft hits back at Sony’s game-sharing jibe with backwards compatibility video

Xbox One is now backwardly compatible with some Xbox 360 titles, and Microsoft is doing all it can to make the most of the positive PR.

As spotted by VG247, a new video from Microsoft explaining how to play Xbox 360 games on the new console seems very much to take a shot at Sony’s famous 2013 video about game sharing.

Back then Sony was riding on a groundswell of support after Microsoft’s unpopular Xbox One E3 briefing in which it was said its machine would require an always-on internet connection for game authentication (plans that were subsequently abandoned). Sony released a video explaining how to share games on its unrestricted console, winning over 15m views in the process:

Now Microsoft has released its own video, complete with its own comedy instructions:

It even tweeted about it so as to hammer home the point:

Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility was announced in the summer and went live yesterday with support for 104 games, three quarters of which are XBLA titles. Sony has previously said that it doesn’t have the resources to add PS3 compatibility to PS4.

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