Microsoft offered to help Fez dev over patch costs

Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has responded to the thinly veiled criticism it has received from Fez developer Polytron regarding the game’s controversial patch.

The game’s lead developer Phil Fish hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week after stating that his company would not be fixing a fundamental bug in Fez due to the prohibitive cots of patching an XBLA title.

And aside from the criticism Fish himself had to endure, fingers were also pointed at Microsoft for its role in the saga.

But now the company has gone on record to say that it did offer the developers a helping hand.

Polytron and their investor, Trapdoor, made the decision not to work on an additional title update for Fez,” a statement issued to Kotaku read. Microsoft Studios chose to support this decision based on the belief that Polytron/Trapdoor were in the best position to determine what the acceptable quality level is for their game.

While we do not disclose the cost of Title Updates, we did offer to work with Trapdoor to make sure that wasn’t a blocking issue. We remain huge fans of Fez.”

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