Microsoft: Rivals have been slacking off

Don Mattrick has told MCV he is confident that Microsoft ‘won’ E3 this year – and has even accused Sony and Nintendo of slacking off over the past year.

In assessing his rivals’ E3 conferences, he said: I think we got more than 12 months’ work done, and others went on an extended vacation. Hopefully they got some good vacation photos, because they sure weren’t showing up at work.”

Of course I’m going to be biased, but so far what I’ve heard is that Sony and Nintendo have disappointed. And Microsoft has been leading, innovating and driving a very comprehensive global programme.”

We’re building momentum and we’re on a scale that no other consumer electronics company or entertainment company has been able to achieve in nine years. It’s been a very good show and I’m very pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish. I think there was a lot of good work, a lot of innovation and a lot of news from us.”

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