MICROSOFT: Ryse finally revealed

Microsoft has shown the first footage from new historical action franchise Ryse for Xbox One.

The game was first announced back in 2011, but nothing has been seen of it since – until today’s E3 press conference by Microsoft.

Now known as Ryse: Son of Rome, it is developed by Crytek and uses the newest version of CryEngine.

The game is the first entry in a new franchise for Xbox One and is set in Roman times. Players take on the role of a centurion Marius Titus guiding his legions to glory in action-packed battles against barbarians.

They will also have to command the troops directly as soldiers use the shield formations the Romans were famous for.

There had previously been rumours that Ryse would be a Kinect title, but the inclusion of quick time events indicates that this will be played with the new controller.

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