Microsoft sacks 360 whistleblower

Following a recent article from renowned Xbox 360 insider Dean Takahashi concerning the saga of Xbox 360’s hardware troubles, a Microsoft employee who spoke about the saga openly and on the record has been let go by the company.

Takahashi’s article, entitled ‘Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes’, claimed that the machine’s failure rate could be as high as 68 per cent, and that in spring 2006 Microsoft was sitting on half a million returned or defective machines.

Now GameDaily reports that Robert Delaware, who was the only Microsoft employee to speak to Takahashi on the record, has been sacked by Microsoft for his open comments, which were in breach of his contract.

Of the loss of his job, Delaware stated: I don’t regret it. I’ll fight it. If they want to come after me, bring it on.”

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