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Microsoft says it “set some wrong expectations” for Inside Xbox stream

Microsoft have addressed disappointed fans following a livestream that promised gameplay reveals of Xbox Series X titles, saying that it had set up false expectations (via

The May 7th edition of Inside Xbox was the first of a series of monthly updates on the Xbox Series X, which promised next generation gameplay from third party developers.

The video on the Xbox YouTube channel now sits at 34k dislikes, with the comments filled with viewers complaining about the lack of gameplay footage.

Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing addressed the disappointment on Twitter, stating: “Had we not said anything & just shown May Inside Xbox show like we did last month, I suspect reactions might have been different. Clearly we set some wrong expectations & that’s on us. We appreciate all the feedback & can assure you we will take it all in & learn as a team.”

The only game teased in advance of the stream was the viking-themed Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, which also featured little in the way of gameplay, instead focusing on cinematic cutscenes – and the reaction to this video has been similarly negative. Ubisoft creative director Ashraf Ismail also took to Twitter to talk to disappointed fans.

You rightfully expected to see more today. We have a long marketing campaign ahead of us, you will see in-depth gameplay and get a lot more info about the game. Thank you for your excitement and passion! Be patient with us and be kind. It will be worth it!”


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