Microsoft surveys about possible digital games buy-backs

Gamers may in the future be able to sell their digital Xbox purchases back to Microsoft.

As spotted by Neogaf, a survey has been sent out to Xbox owners asking whether they’d be willing to hand their digital purchases back to Microsoft in return for a rebate (in the form of digital store credit) of ten per cent of the original purchase price.

So, for a 50 title you’d receive just 5 credit back for us toward a future Xbox store purchase. That’s not much, admittedly, but is still more than the nothing you’ll get on having a unwanted title remaining indefinitely attached to your account.

The ability to trade-in remains one of physical’s major advantages over digital, and its eradication could mark yet another step toward a majority digital market.

Digital game trading was part of the original digital Xbox One vision that was abandoned in the wake of Microsoft’s famously unpopular E3 2013 reveal for the console. The company just last week hinted at its willingness to return to some of those policies, specifically its family game sharing idea.

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