Microsoft targets Xbox 360 owners with backward compatibility announcement

Microsoft has ramped up in its battle to convince Xbox 360 gamers not to defect to PlayStation.

The platform holder’s backwards compatibility announcement at E3 was designed to try and convince some
of the 84m Xbox 360 owners to stick with Microsoft.

The platform holder, which has called this year’s line-up the biggest in the company’s history, continues to struggle in the face of a resurgent PlayStation. But corporate VP and CMO Mike Nichols believes this year’s line-up, backwards compatibility and the recent price drop to 299, will allow the firm to claw back ground on Sony in the UK.

If you are an Xbox 360 customer, we just put our best foot forward about why now is a good time to upgrade to Xbox One,” he told MCV.

Between the games you own ultimately being able to work on the new system, and the exclusives line-up we
have, as well as the third-party games where we have some exclusive offers there…if you take the totality of it, that’s why we said this is the best gamesline-up in Xbox history. Those things, combined with the permanent price drop to 299, means that now is a good time to move across.

As a marketing guy I was worried that maybe there was a bit too much hyperbole when we were saying this
was the greatest games line-up in Xbox history. But we certainly will deliver on the claim. In fact, if you think about everything we are doing, perhaps we are underselling, especially when you take into account some of the third party games we didn’t show on stage at E3. It might be the best games line-up for a console ever.”

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