Microsoft teams up with ESL for eSports platform on Xbox, Windows

Microsoft has enlisted the help of ESL to produce a standardised tournament system for Xbox Live games.

The integration allows developers and publishers of games on Xbox One and Windows 10 to more easily organise competitions on the platforms.

Games using the new system are currently ‘in the making’ and tournament support can even be extended between platforms.

ESL platform integration is a big step forward in establishing competitive gaming and esports," said Arne Peters, Vice President Strategic Relations & ESL Technology."We are very happy to be working with Microsoft on projects such and these and are excited to see them embrace the significance of esports and its phenomenal growth.”

Rocket League developers Psyonix recently announced that the game would be playable between Xbox One and PC players, in addition to PC players being capable of playing those on PS4.

With this further boon to cross-platform tournament logistics support, it won’t be long before the eSports ecosystem has no borders.

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