Microsoft to conquer Europe after reshuffle

Microsoft VP of interactive entertainment business in Europe Chris Lewis is determined that losing studio figurehead Phil Spencer from his team will not damage the company’s optimism.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, Lewis also laid out his criteria for Spencer’s replacement – and said Europe was a priority for his management team in the US.

As reported on last week (12/06), former Xbox European studios manager Spencer is set to switch back to the US to assume leadership of all first-party development and publishing efforts worldwide.

On the contrary to being worried, we’re really happy with how things are looking in Europe,” said Lewis. The US office is clearly focused on winning in EMEA. We remain number one overall, the price drop did great things for us and our attach rate is still second-to-none.

We’ll make sure Phil is succeeded by someone that continues to drive that charge. We want someone who really understands and is well versed in the challenges of European business.

"They need to understand strategy and leadership, and be someone who is agile and can be a change agent. And they must be someone who understands how our studios work.”

Microsoft has also tweaked its marketing efforts across Europe for the rest of this year, added Lewis:

At a marketing level, you will see us change and broaden our emphasis on mass appeal to sustain and grow the core audience.

"Our marketing price points, content drive to broader and mass appeal, and marketing challenges go hand in hand with that. Overall we’ve a very strong team in the global business.”

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