Microsoft to spill Xbox 720 beans this week?

The press could get its first look at the Xbox 720 this Wednesday, it is being claimed.

Wait, select press are going to be at the Microsoft fiscal year 2014 event this week?” Superannuation Tweeted. I thought that it was MS partners only. Hmm. There are a bunch of invite-only sessions about Xbox.”

Microsoft’s FY2014 Event is not normally a place for game or tech briefings with the games press, and is normally reserved for investors and publishing partners.

However, the event’s timetable shows invite-only sessions across both Wednesday March 6th and Thursday March 7th. They carry titles such as IEB Xbox Platform Overview”, Xbox Platform Deep Dive” and Xbox Games”. Only one of the early sessions references Xbox 360” by name.

It is entirely plausible that Microsoft has decided to use the pre-scheduled event to grant press a first look at its new console following Sony’s decision to debut the PS4 at a globally viewed dedicated press briefing last month.

Press could likely be directed to start issuing information as early as this week – a prolonged embargo would not seem to work in Microsoft’s favour. Certainly, a behind closed doors demonstration this early in year would seem to suggest that the machine will be revealed way ahead of E3 in the summer.

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