Microsoft to stream Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to PC browsers – report

Consumers may soon have access to both current and last-gen Xbox games without the need for a console.

That’s according to Neowin, which reports that Microsoft has recently made significant advances in reducing lag in streamed games and hopes to implement the tech in a streaming Xbox service designed for PC browsers.

The tech currently runs at 60fps and, with Xbox 360 at least, offers a ‘full’ console experience with functioning dashboard.

The site says that it isn’t limited to older Xbox titles, either, and that Microsoft hopes to add Xbox One titles to its offer. The platform is apparently open and designed to run just as easily in Chrome as it does Internet Explorer.

Licensing allegedly remains the biggest issue, however, with Microsoft having to work to ease the fears of publishers who see the model as a potential threat to their current revenue streams – which presumably points to a subscription payment model.

The report adds that a roll-out for the service could arrive sooner than expected, too.

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