Microsoft: Were beating PS3 in Europe

After revealing that Xbox 360 had topped the seven million sales mark in Europe, Microsoft has claimed that the console is outselling PS3 – both in the UK and across the continent.

The firm told MCV this week that the combination of Xbox 360’s September price cut and blanket Q4 marketing had helped the console begin to beat PS3 in European swing states” in which it had traditionally struggled.

September’s price drop saw the 360 Arcade SKU reduced to just 129.99, and it’s mid-range 60GB Pro cut to 169.99. The Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a 120GB hard drive, was dropped to 229.99.

European interactive entertainment boss Chris Lewis told MCV: We don’t fixate on the competition, but it’s a very important bellwether of our success. In the UK, we’ve sold more than double PS3’s volume since the price drop in September.

I would call out our success in the Mediterranean countries in the last few weeks as a genuine step change from where we’ve been. The investment we’ve made in the right campaigns, the right price point and content that truly appeals to those markets.

In Italy, we were double PS3’s sales last week. In France and Germany we are at or better than PS3 consistently now. We dominate in Russia and the Nordic countries and in Spain – a traditional Sony stronghold – we’re now outselling PS3. It bodes incredibly well for our Christmas prospects."

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