Microsoft: Xbox One needs internet connection, but not all the time

There’s been a lot of ambiguity surrounding whether or not the Xbox One will require an always-on internet connection.

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison attempted the clarify the matter when he told Eurogamer, "Some bits of the system will work offline. I think the key point to make is that Xbox One requires an internet connection, but it does not need to be connected all the time.”

We think that most of the biggest games on Xbox One and most of the games and experiences and services you want to use will be internet-connected,” Harrison added.

While that statement isn’t crystal clear, it appears that Microsoft clearly wants the Xbox One to be a connected device and is encouraging developers to create that require internet connectivity, much like Diablo 3 or SimCity. We just hope things go smoother on the Xbox One.

Microsoft is betting big on online connectivity, having bolstered its worldwide server count and with promises of in-depth cloud connectivity to online experiences as hassle-free as possible.

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