Microsoft’s GTA marketing push as big as Halo 3

Microsoft’s marketing machine is ready to kick into top gear with a multimedia campaign across the web, TV and and print publications in an attempt to make Xbox 360 the console of choice for GTA fans.

With episodic downloadable content exclusive to 360, head of gaming and entertainment at Xbox UK Stephen McGill is confident that it become the front runner for GTA gamers’ affections.

Rockstar will naturally be doing their own campaign to launch what obviously will be a massive title for them, but Microsoft sees GTA IV as a fantastic title to showcase how great Xbox 360 is,” he told MCV.

What with it’s amazing graphics & gaming experience, coupled with playing with your friends on Xbox Live, achievements and of course the exclusive extra episodic content for GTA IV that will be downloadable this Autumn and will only be available on Xbox 360.”

As such you can expect a large awareness campaign from us, showcasing how great GTA IV on Xbox 360 is, and what great value the Xbox 360 console is too. Our campaign is the same sort of scale as our Halo 3 campaign last year so you can expect to see and hear a lot about GTA IV on Xbox 360 over the coming weeks.”

We’re naturally very excited about GTA IV coming to Xbox 360, we know pre-orders are going fabulously well and we know consumers are extremely excited about all the great things the Xbox 360 version offers.”

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