Microsoft’s magic moments

The launch

Obviously this was a key moment. I remember the launch night fondly. And the console was a big step: it introduced HD gaming to the world.

Halo 3

Halo 3 really showcased gaming breaking out of being just a pastime and becoming an entertainment property beyond what a game is.

The reinvention of Live

We were the first console to change its look and feel through services. Traditionally you buy new hardware and throw away the old – with this we proved you didn’t need to do that.

It was a fundamental moment for us that shows we continue to innovate. And as time has gone on we have used that strategy to embrace social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and entertainment services or Sky Player.


Kinect is a big step for us. It has introduced new audiences and shows hardcore gamers new experiences – and it brings in cool stuff for entertainment generally.

The connected world
2010 and beyond

Today, the Xbox Live experience can go wherever you want, across the three-screen world of TV, phone and PC. Friends, music, movies, games – all of that is now accessible anywhere you are.

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