Microtransactions added to Two Worlds II seven years after release

Topware Interactive mas made the surprise move of adding an in-game store to its seven year old RPG Top Worlds II.

Available purchases include things such as Skill Books, which allow buyers to acquire special abilities, as well as Material Packs, Colour Packs and combat items. Players can also spend real cash to acquire in-game currency.

Responding on Steam, one of the game’s developers has argued that these features were already available in the Xbox version, so why not” add them to PC? Which, were it not for the inevitable backlash it will invite, is possibly a valid question.

Furthermore, it looked as if the update also removed the ability to use ‘console commands’ (which are included in some PC games and allow players to change certain parameters, and often cheat). The presumption was that this was done in the hope that players who formerly used the console to ease their passage through the game will now pay for some extra content instead.

It is now being claimed, though, the the console feature will be reinstated via a subsequent update in the near future.

Still, on a more positive note the changes come alongside a host of expansion content for the title. A new Season Pass will bring with it four pieces of DLC content that will arrive throughout 2017.

When we started development on Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae in early 2016, we underestimated how excited our team would be to get back to Antaloor,” TopWare Interactive CEO Alexandra Constandache said.

It took longer than expected, but we ended up with a 10+ hour adventure that is nearly a full sized release. Due to how large Call of the Tenebrae became, we’ve decided to release our game as an add-on to Two Worlds II, in addition to a standalone version for fans both new and old.”

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