Mid-level checkpoint feature coming to Super Mario Maker this week

A new update is set to arrive for Super Mario Maker this week, bringing the ability to place mid-level checkpoints and a few other notable additions.

The patch, which is expected out from Nintendo on November 4th, gives level designers the option to drop one or more flags throughout their creations. For players, this will thankfully allow some degree of progress to be retained on large, long, or extremely difficult levels – rather than having to start over at the beginning every time.

Power-ups in item boxes have been improved to be dependent on Mario’s size. For instance, a small character would receive a mushroom, while the larger version would find a Fire Flowere from the same box.

The update also adds new Course World categories to feature new levels from Nintendo as well as third-party creators and curators. An Event Courses section will appear on Course World’s online hub, highlighting levels from partner creators such as Facebook’s Hackathon winning entry Ship Love.

Course World is getting an Official Makers area as well that will offer specifically selected courses” created by Nintendo employees.

Super Mario Maker launched this past September and is available now for Wii U.

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