Minecraft moves 11m units on PC

Indie megahit Minecraft has surpassed 11m sales on the game’s original platform.

Games Industry reports that Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson took to twitter last night to announce the news on the PC/Mac/Linux version.

"Minecraft has now sold 11m copies on PC/Mac/Linux! That’s more than the number of atoms in the observable universe.”

Notch went on to state that he has had to turn away a number of interested parties in monetizing the game’s website.

"I frequently receive emails from people who want to ‘help monetize http://minecraft.net.’ My reply is usually ‘No’, sometimes ‘Go away.’"

"Latest hopeful partner was avg, offering us 20k upfront to bundle it with the Minecraft launcher. No. Not as long as I work here."

Notch recently announced that the Xbox 360 edition is off to a record start at retail, after already selling 6m copies (as of March) on XBLA. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has also moved a nice, round 10m copies on mobile devices as of this past May.

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