Minecraft on 360 breaks XBLA sales records

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has smashed all previous Xbox Live Arcade sales records after selling the most units in just 24 hours.

The downloadable title – priced at 1,600 Microsoft Points (around 15) – went on sale on Wednesday, May 9th.

Within its first hour on sale it had become profitable, and in around 24 hours it had amassed more than 400,000 sales.

Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson said on Twitter: Well then. Saw the official sales numbers for the first 24 hours of Minecraft Xbox 360, and it’s very, very good. Profitable in an hour.”

Minecraft was developed by Mojang and ported to Xbox 360 by 4J Studios and Microsoft Studios.

Today Notch added: Mojang and 4j will be celebrating today like only slightly socially awkward game developers can. Much standing around with beers in hand.”

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