Missing visual options re-enabled on PC version of Watch Dogs

The PC community claims to have found a method to re-introduce a number of graphics options that were allegedly deliberately deactivated in the PC version of Watch Dogs.

The game has since before launch been plagued by accusations that the final product falls well short of the visual standards offered in the game’s early footage upon its reveal in 2012 and over the months that followed.

Now a mod from a PC gamer known as TheWorse claims to re-enable a host of features, such as bloom lighting, improved depth of field, headlight shadows, better reflections, improved rain effects and greater civilian density.

Most worrying is that fact that these effects have not been modded or added into the game – TheWorse claims that they are already present and simply need to be re-enabled.

If this is the case then the obvious question is why did Ubisoft chose to deactivate them? The internet hive mind seems to think that Ubisoft was encouraged to maintain parity with the lucrative PS4 and Xbox One versions.

On top of this there are also the wider concerns about the technical performance of the game – a factor that is apparently not worsened by the use of TheWorse’s mod. A promised patch from Ubisoft to fix the game has still not materialised.

Here’s a video from TotalBiscuit discussing the accusations:

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