Miyamoto: People are taking notice of games again

When asked whether he feels vindicated by the recent success of Wii, Miyamoto told Dean Takahashi of

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I think it is not necessarily vindication but I do get the distinct feeling that because of the Wii, people all over the world are finally taking notice of video games again, when they haven’t for a while.”

He also went on to add that while releasing yearly updates of existing IP is a good strategy, it is not one Nintendo plans to follow.

In Japan, we haven’t seen a lot of that type of strategy. To a certain extent in America, you are seeing a lot of the same franchises made more gorgeous or more complex. They continue to sell those. In Japan, we don’t see that strategy although it is a healthy strategy to take."

He concluded by emphasising Nintendo’s credentials as an entertainment company, rather than a video games firm.

Our real strategy is we are an entertainment company. When you create entertainment on a device that is dedicated to entertainment, you can create much more entertaining experiences. It’s hard to create entertainment on a device that is created for some other functionality like a cell phone. Rather than create a cell phone, we can create games on a device that are dedicated to entertainment. I think that will continue to be our strategy. For example, the Wii Fit Balance Board is the type of experience you could never have on a PC.”

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