Miyamoto: ‘Star Fox Zero is not so far from a VR experience’

Despite previously dimissing the potential for virtual reality, Nintendo execShigeru Miyamoto has hinted that one of the firm’s upcoming titles would work well with the technology.

Nintendo’s development chief previously argued that ‘virtual reality isn’t really a good fit for Nintendo’s philosophy‘ of allowing people to play together in the same room.

However, in a new interview with German publication Spiegel Online, he admitted that the company may consider experimenting with VR headsets and products, adding that upcoming sci-fi shooter title Star Fox Zero already has elements of the technology present.

"Thanks to the motion sensor and the second screen on the GamePad, Star Fox Zero is not so far from a VR experience," he explained, before reiterating: "Nintendo’s principle was and is always to make games that people play together in front of the TV. I think Star Fox Zero is that.

"[But] if we someday do experiments in VR, there is the Star Fox brand [we could consider implementing]."

Miyamoto went on to respond to some of the concerns arising out of E3 over the game’s control scheme, which requires players to juggle their attention between the television and Wii U Pad displays.

"Compared to other games, it is a bit complex," he stated.

"There are many ways how video games entertain the player. One of these ways is the process of coming to understand how a game works – another is the process of mastering the controls. By mastering the controls, you improve, which results in having fun. Our intention was not that players suggest: ‘There are two screens, that is making it complicated.’ Instead: ‘There are two screens, I can do different things on them.’

"It is hard to understand the basics if you just try Star Fox Zero for a few minutes at a games expo. But if people buy the game and play it at home, after one or two days, they will reach the point where they understand how it works and how to master it – that is the moment the fun begins."

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