Miyamoto: Theres still life in the GBA

Shigeru Miyamoto has said there is still life in the Game Boy Advance thanks to its large catalogue of games, reports Next Generation.

However, Miyamoto admitted to Kotaku that Nintendo had completely shifted its focus to the Wii and DS and had no plans to bring out any new titles on the GBA. He added that he was unsure of the level of third party support for the handheld in the USA.

It’s still selling well and so we’re still supplying hardware to the market,” said Miyamoto.

But our internal development teams have their hands full already with trying to create software for the Wii and DS and so it’s true we’re focused primarily on that and not on creating new software for the GameBoy Advance. There are still a lot of games on the platform that the current consumer has not played and so there’s still some life in it yet."

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