MMO stalwart EverQuest making F2P switch

Nearly 13 years after it first hit the market, Sony Online Entertainment has decided to convert EverQuest into a free-to-play title.

A number of new payment options will be introduced. Standard all-you-can-eat subscriptions will remain an option, but a F2P version supported by microtransactions will also be available.

Those who want to subscribe can choose between silver membership ($5 a month) or gold membership ($14.99 a month).

Development efforts will continue to be focused on EverQuest. It is a vibrant and evolving world,” the studio has pledged.

When you begin playing EverQuest, you default to the Free level of membership. That means you have access to most of the content in the world of Norrath. You can create characters in any of four classes, from four different races, and you have tons of gameplay at your fingertips.

However, there are certain content, feature, and service limitations that are only unlocked through a la carte item purchases or by upgrading your membership to another tier.

Buying a Silver membership pack is a one-time purchase of only 500 Station Cash that adds two extra character slots per server, two more bag slots, a larger character coin limit, unlimited chat access, a much higher Alternate Ability limit, and the ability to collect more active tasks.

Upgrading to the monthly Gold membership lets you upgrade to the most powerful spells and skills, gives you access to all 16 classes in the game eight character slots per server, access to 10 bag slots, no per character coin limit, access to the player-controlled Broker system, in-game mailing privileges, and more.”

The move from subscription to F2P is becoming increasingly popular at SOE. It has already enjoyed great success with EverQuest II and DC Universe, and it also develops F2P title Free Realms.

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