Mobile livestreaming and subscription fees come to YouTube Gaming

Mobile gamers looking to show off what they are playing are in luck as YouTube Gaming is introducing streaming for mobile devices.

At the moment this is limited to Android devices, not iOS, according to a post on the official YouTube blog.

In an article on Polygon, Google’s global head of gaming partnerships Ryan Wyatt also said that streaming is limited to games. Consumers aren’t able to stream non-gaming apps or anything outside of games.

That isn’t the only big news coming out of YouTube Gaming, either.

Google is introducing Sponsorships, a feature that allows fans to pay a monthly subscription fee for extra content – much like Twitch’s own subscription program. And, according to Polygon, YouTube Gaming’s subscriptions cost less – only $3.99 compared to Twitch’s $4.99.

In addition, Google has introduced a ‘Watch Later’ bookmarking services, as well as better performance.

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