20m iPad sales predicted by 2012

Sales of the Apple iPad are expected to reach 20m units by 2012, according to predictions from analyst iSuppli.

More specifically, the firm expects unit sales to hit 7.1m by the end of the year and 14.4m by the close of 2011.

It adds that these numbers are ‘conservative’ estimates and reckons that actual sales could exceed these numbers if Apple adds new features to the device, most notably Flash support.

The iPad represents an intriguing mix of two devices that have struggled to gain traction for years – internet appliances and tablet PCs,” monitor research director Rhoda Alexander stated.

2010 sales could potentially climb much higher than the seven million figure, and that first year success – combined with expected ongoing innovation – will help to keep Apple at the forefront of the tablet market for several years. Key to continuing success will be how quickly Apple responds to issues as they arise and whether the company can align suppliers to meet demand needs.”

Day one sales of the iPad in the US reached 300k upon its release on April 3rd.

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