2K Drive: On and off-road racing sim headed to iOS this fall

2K Drive, the on-road and off-road iOS racing sim from Lucid Games is set for release this fall, which is a few days from now.

Lucid Games is comprised of several developers from Bizarre Creations, which created Blur and the Project Gotham Racing series. The studio has been working on the new game since 2011, and it is being funded and published by 2K Games.

2K Drive will not be a free-to-play game as earlier reported, neither is it iPad-only. It will instead carry an as-yet-unannounced premium pricing, and while it will feature micro-transactions and paid content, Lucid has told Eurogamer that they will not adversely affect the way the game progresses.

While there are a few racing sims floating around on mobile and tablet, what’s unique about 2K Drive is that it will feature real-world and original cars in both on and off-road environments.

Lucid is designing the game to be a car lovers’ hub of sorts. The game will also feed in the latest news from the automotive world and will often tie that content into game events.

2K Drive will feature licensed cars from the likes of Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GM, Mazda, McLaren and Nissan, Polygon reports, while event types will include track racing, drag racing, off-road racing and more than 20 mini games. The game will feature single and multiplayer modes.

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