Ideaworks3D harness mobile development's 'perfect storm'

Airplay Partners Program in focus

We have published an in-depth look at Ideaworks3D’s new Airplay Partners Program, which integrates a range of tools and services for mobile developers.

Created by London studio Ideaworks3D, Airplay offers an extended technology framework that lets companies enjoy the advantages of what is a relatively seamless network.

With gains to be had for both customers and the smaller tools and middleware providers that contribute, the Airplay development and deployment solution could prove to be very popular, aping the success of established programs like Epic’s Unreal Technology Partners scheme.

“There’s a perfect storm brewing in native smartphone development,” revealed Ideaworks3D CTO Tim Closs speaking to Develop. “Performance at the upper end of the device spectrum, increased publisher development budgets on those platforms, and high user expectations of quality levels – driven primarily by iPhone – means that mobile middleware can now play a key role in serving the ecosystem.”

Airplay lets developers create native games and applications for platforms including Symbian, BREW, Windows Mobile, Linux, and iPhone using a single binary.

To read the full Airplay feature, including more insights from Closs, click here.

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