Al Lowe and Replay Games revive Larryâ??s original escapade

Al Lowe revives Leisure Suit Larry

A remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry is on the way from its creator, Al Lowe, and Replay Games.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards will be coming to desktop, tablet and mobile devices this summer.

This new release improves the 1991 remake’s 16-color EGA graphics to 256-color VGA graphics.

Fans and new players alike will join Larry, as he cruise the streets of Lost Wages, looking for love.

“It’s no fun telling people who want to play your games that their only recourse is to pirate them. Finally, Larry leaves his digital dungeon to delight those too young (or too smart) to play it way back when,” said Al Lowe.

Lowe is hoping a whole new generation of players will warm to Larry’s luckless charms.

“Men love the games because no matter how much of a loser they are, they’re not as big a loser as Larry. And women love the games because, well, they’ve all dated a jerk like Larry.”

The original game, released in 1987, sold poorly because of a lack of backing from its publisher. However, word-of-mouth helped it to become a cult classic, selling millions of copies and winning the Software Publishers Association’s Best Fantasy, Role Playing or Adventure Game award for 1987.

Paul Trowe, CEO of Replay Games, add: “So many people enjoyed and were influenced by Larry’s original adventure that it’s an absolute pleasure to bring the smooth-talking charmer back to his legions of fans, a whole new generation of players and unimpressed women in bars and nightclubs everywhere.

“Working with Al means you can be sure the game is exactly how he intended it to be seen. It plays as smoothly as one of Larry’s pick up lines.”

Leisure Suit Larry is due to be released within the next several weeks, starting via Intel’s marketplace.


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