Angry Birds Transformers rolls out onto iOS

Rovio’s latest brand extension for its world-conquering Angry Birds franchise has arrived in the form of Angry Birds Transformers.

The game deviates from the series’ standard design and sees players running sideways though stages blasting at precariously perched Deceptihogs in the distance. Then can then transform to speed out of the way of falling obstacles.

However, the game has attracted early criticism for the restrictions it places on those not willing to pay. Timers are numerous, forcing players to wait for long periods to repair or upgrade bots, access new characters and even simply access levels.

Oh, and there are plenty of incentives to pay out for the associated Telepods, too.

What it may lack in financial fairness it at least partially makes up for in fan service, however, with a host of recognisable characters present and a score penned by Transformers: The Movie composer Vince DiCola.

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