Anonymous hacks Apple server

Internet hacker group Anonymous has claimed it has unlawfully obtained information from an Apple web server.

The collective released data online via its Twitter page containing the usernames and passwords of 27 customers from one of Apple’s servers. The group also hinted at a bigger attack on the tech giant in the future.

Anonymous said on Twitter: All the media buzz about the drive-by Apple drop on Pastebin makes us wonder what would happen if they get really hit?

We do have something prepared for a little later though. Most unpleasing discoveries force us to publish a bit of information.”

Anonymous also used the #AntiSec hashtag in its comments, hinting that its actions are part of a larger anti-security push championed by the recently disbanded LulzSec hacking group.

The latter took responsibility for a wide number of internet hack attacks on various firms over the past few months. This included game company websites such as Nintendo’s and games themselves including Minecraft and EVE Online.

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