Liyla and the Shadows of War will now be released in the App Store’s Games category

Apple backtracks on Gaza war game controversy

Good news for Rasheed Abueideh: Apple has agreed that his mobile game is actually a game.

The Palestinian developer encountered problems last week when the iOS platform holder demanded that he remove his latest release, Liyla and the Shadows of War, from the Games section of the App Store and reclassify as it Reference or News.

The adventure title focuses on a young girl in the war-torn region of Gaza, although it’s still unclear if Apple objected to the political nature of the subject matter or genuinely didn’t believe it to be enough of a game to meet the App Store’s standards, according to Eurogamer.

However, after the case hit headlines last week and gathered support via social media, Apple has since relented and agreed to include Lilya in the Games category.

Abueideh expressed his gratitude via Twitter:

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