New device to be unveiled October 4th

Apple confirms new iPhone press conference

Apple has issued press invites to an event entitled ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ scheduled to take place in Cupertino, California on October 4th.

The move confirms weeks of speculation that Apple will use the date to announce a new product – very likely to be the next iPhone.

Further rumours claim that Apple’s next generation iPhone will boast the same processing power as the iPad 2. It is also claimed the smartphone will feature 1 GB of RAM.

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is expected to lead the press conference. HE took charge of the company following Steve Jobs’s health-related departure last month.

Over the past six months, analysts and bloggers have fuelled debate on whether the next iPhone will be a full revision of the device.

Some have claimed the next version will be an iPhone 5, resplendent with a complete redesign, while others suggest Apple is only ready to reveal an upgraded iPhone 4.

In this time frame, Develop has heard from numerous developers also speculating that an Apple TV device will finally be announced. The rumour has yet to be substantiated.

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