Apple is replacing the cameras on some iPhone 6 Plus handsets

Folk who bought an iPhone 6 Plus between September 2015 and January of this year might be eligible for a free rear camera replacement.

Some handsets sold in the period have been found to contain a potentially faulty component in the camera, resulting in sometimes blurry photos.

Those who reckon they might be eligible can find out by entering their serial number here. Apple won’t be replacing the handsets outright, however.

The smaller iPhone 6 is not affected by the issue.

In other iPhone 6 news, TechRadar reports that rumours regarding the next iPhone 6 – possibly the iPhone 6S – will enjoy a significant upgrade to the camera, upgrading the current 8MP sensor to a more meaty 12MP.

This still leaves it behind many of its competitors, of course, although the number of raw pixels is just one of the many elements that go into a good camera.

Other iPhone 6S and 6S Plus rumours point to the possible inclusion of a Force Touch display and the first appearance of Apple’s A9 processor.

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