Landmark likely to be passed this month

Apple nears ten billionth app download

Apple is waiting on a landmark moment in its digital content business, as the firm announces that the App Store is approaching its ten billionth download.

The iPhone, iPod, Mac and iPad firm expects to pass the milestone this month – a moment which will cement its position as a global leader in mobile entertainment.

How the number itself is calculated was not revealed, though it is suspected that Apple here is counting items across iTunes and the App Store – from games to films to album tracks.

A recent study found that Apple iOS devices have each installed an average of 60 externally developed Apps.

This week Apple reported quarterly profits of 6bn in the three months ending December 25th – a year-on-year rise of 77 per cent.

The record profit was backed by record revenue of $26.74bn – up from $15.68bn made in the same period the year prior.

Apple sold almost 50m products during the quarter. This comprised of 4.13m Macs, 16.24m iPhones, 19.45m iPods, and 7.33m iPads.

Meanwhile, another study, published by consumer banking firm Citibank, concluded that the App Store market will reach $2bn over the next twelve months.

Apple takes a 30 per cent cut of all gross app revenues, including microtransactions, meaning that – if Citibank’s estimates are accurate – the App Store dev community will share $1.4 billion in sales this year alone.

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