Apple opens the door to iOS game subscriptions

Developers will soon be able to charge a recurring fee for the games following Apple’s announcement of a new subscription system for the iOS App Store.

Engadget reports that subscribed apps will retain the traditional 70/30 revenue split, although if a developer can keep a user subscribed for a year, the balance will shift further in their favour to 85/15.

There will be over 200 subscription price points, and app makers will be able to vary the pricing on a region-by-region basis. Any increase in price will require a re-authorisation from the user.

There are a few other changes on the way, too. Apple has decided to give the green light to iOS App Store ads. Until now the company has not sold the ‘Featured’ spaces on the store front, but Apple now argues that it has found a system that will be fair to everyone – including both large and small content makers.

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