Apple ordered to re-write Samsung acknowledgement

The UK court of appeal has lambasted Apple for its Samsung lawsuit acknowledgement posted last week.

The iPhone creators will have to alter the working of the statement, which it ruled to be non-compliant, and post it on the homepage – not hide it behind a link, The Guardian reports.

Apple has been ordered to change the wording within 48 hours. It must be published in at least 11-point font. Apple had asked for 14 days in which to make the change, but the judge ruled that he could not believe” the process would take that long.

The main objections seemed to be that the post was too long, containing an additional four paragraphs about other court cases that it had won against Samsung. This, the judge felt, was "a plain breach of the order".

The company was also told off for not posting the adverts containing the statement as instructed.

The judge ruling, made earlier this month, arrived after it was ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy tablet range does not infringe on Apple iPad patents, despites Apple’s court allegations.

Apple has in a lawsuit claimed that the Galaxy line blatantly imitates the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”.

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