APPLE: PC-free iOS 5 announced

Apple has announced that its fifth iteration of iOS will not require a PC or Mac.

The revelation was made during the firm’s WWDC 2011 event, where Apple explained that users will now be able to set up and activate iOS devices independently, according to Engadget.

Additionally, syncing will now be wireless – no more need for cables.

Apple also announced a number of new features for iOS 5, including a new Notification Center and deeper Twitter integration.

Notifications will now be aggregated into a single menu that can be scrolled through and cleared at will. The Center will also be accessible from the lockscreen.

iOS users will also be able to access their Twitter account through multiple apps with a single sign-in. This will enable them to Tweet directly from the Camera and Photos apps, for example.

Other new features include: a Camera button on the lockscreen; split keyboard; location-based reminders; Newsstand, a new place to collect magazine and newspaper subscriptions; and a new cleaner Safari Reader option that only displays website text.

Apple’s SVP of iOS Software Scott Forstall announces that 200 million iOS devices have been sold, with iPads making up more than 25 million of those. 14 billion apps have been downloaded, generating $2.5 billion in revenue for app developers.

Image source: Engadget

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