Left-wing dev Molleindustria accuses Apple for removing game 'without explanation'

Apple ‘pulls app criticising corporate ethics’ [Update]

Apple is alleged to have deleted an iPhone app which condemns ethical practices in the manufacturing of gadgets such as the iPhone.

The game, called Phone Story, is displayed on the App Store but cannot currently be purchased.

The game’s developer, Molleindustria, has said Apple has removed the game from the app store "without explanation".

[Update] The Molleindustria Twitter account – thought to be written by company founder Paolo Pedercini – now claims Apple has explained its decision to pull the game:

"According to Apple, Phone Story violates: 15.2, 16.1, 21.1, 21.2 From the app store guidelines".

"No trademark violation: "Apps that depict violence or abuse of children will be rejected (…) excessively objectionable or crude content"

Seventy per cent of Phone Story’s revenue was planned to be redirected to “organisations that are fighting corporate abuses”.

Apple declined to comment when approached by Develop on the matter.

Phone Story is an interactive game that sheds light on the allegedly questionable practices that many claim are prevalent in the manufacturing of numerous electronic devices, such as the iPhone.

The game explores ideas its creators claim are related – indirectly or otherwise – to smartphone manufacturing, including the enslavement of workers in the Congo mining electronic components mineral coltan, the mistreatment of assembly line workers, and the toxic nature of disposing of smartphones.

These claims are made without substantiating evidence.

Molleindustria is no stranger to controversy. Previously its game Operation: Pedopriest – which targeted the Catholic church – was branded as illegal by the Italian parliament, while Islamic groups successfully pushed for the banning of La Molleindustria’s religion-themed beat ’em-up Jesus vs. Mohammed.

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