Apple takes editorial control of the App Store

Some of the automated algorithms that have until recently been used to populate the Apple App Store have been replaced with a curated system.

TechCrunch reports that Apple has removed a number of lists from its US store front including ‘New’, ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘All iPhone (Free & Paid)’ – the latter of which was populated alphabetically and open to manipulation – and replaced them all with editorially curated lists.

In their place we now have lists such as ‘Best New Games’ and ‘All Time Greats’, which appear to be refreshed weekly. Subcategories such as ‘Action’ and ‘Adventure’ are now also curated.

The moves will undoubtedly limit the impact of clones and games designed specifically to ‘play’ Apple’s number system but also perhaps place another barrier between little-known indie start-ups and App Store recognition.

Indeed, many developers have reported a sharp downturn in daily downloads since the changes were implemented.

On the flip side, the hope would be that quality content will be better recognised and rewarded.

It’s not yet known when and if these changes will be rolled out to other territories including the UK.

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