Apple to drop 16GB entry point with iPhone 7, report claims

There will be no 16GB version of Apple’s next iPhone, according to the latest rumours about Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 32GB will become the new entry point as of the iPhone 7. Such a move would be no surprise, as the size of many modern apps – and, indeed, modern iOS – means that 16GB users are frequently forced to delete content in order to keep their handsets operational.

Indeed, for some time people have accused Apple of effectively releasing 16GB models purely to allow for advertising based on the lowest possible entry price, even though many users will opt for pricier, higher-capacity models.

Rumours about the iPhone 7 are numerous, as is the way of these things. It seems as if the handset will be aesthetically similar to the iPhone 6. In face, it may even be virtually identical, with slowing handset sales and slower consumer upgrade cycles pushing Apple towards a gentler, more incremental upgrade cycle.

The chances seem high that iPhone 7 will ditch the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket in favour of a proprietary Apple Lightning port solution. Wireless Bluetooth headphones may even be included with some models. An official 3.5mm adapter is a cert, however, as is a premium price for said accessory.

Reports suggest Apple will follow Samsung’s lead in making the handset more waterproof and include a significantly better camera than seen in current models.

An announcement is expected in September.

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