Apple will reveal the iPhone 6S (and maybe the Apple TV) tonight

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Mince pies are appearing on supermarket shelves, press releases have started using the term gifting season” and a new iPhone is about to be revealed.

Apple will tonight hold a press conference at 6pm UK time in which it will reveal its latest smartphone, which will almost certainly be the 6S. Expect a broadly similar design to the current iPhone 6, but with significantly enhanced innards and perhaps a few hardware tweaks.

New features look set to include a Force Touch screen that can determine the strength with which it is pressed, a better camera and the addition of a rose gold variant. Also expect the iPhone 6 Plus to get the same S-spec treatment.

A release date for iOS 9 also seems highly probable, as does the likelihood that it will coincide with the arrival of Apple’s new devices later this month. There’s also a good chance we’ll get some new info on the second iteration o the Apple Watch 2 OS.

Also widely tipped to feature tonight is the brand new version of Apple TV, which will reportedly mark Apple’s entry into the living room gaming space. The device has been touted as nailed-on for a reveal at many recent Apple events, only to pass without a trace. But the tech media seems certain this, most definitely, is the year.

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