Apple’s tablet market share tumbles 10% in UK

While the iPad may still be able to lay claim to dominion over the UK tablet market, the growing popularity of Android tablets has led to a ten per cent dip in market share for Apple, according to YouGov’s Quarterly Tablet Tracker for Q1.

The report shows that Apple’s market share has fallen from 73 per cent to 63 per cent in the first quarter, despite the recent releases of it fourth generation iPad and iPad Mini.

Meanwhile, Samsung has more than doubled its market share, rising from four per cent in Q1 2012 to ten per cent in Q1 2013.

The arrival of two new devices on the scene has also contributed to Apple’s decline, with the Google Nexus 7 amassing a market share of eight per cent in under a year and the Amazon Kindle Fire jumping to five per cent from just one per cent in the previous quarter.

MCV’s sister site ME has the full story.

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