Blackberry releases open letter as it tries to calm the nerves

With a dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over it, Blackberry has released an open letter in which it has tried to reassure the world that everything will be fine.

You can continue to count on BlackBerry,” it insists. How do we know? We have substantial cash on hand and a balance sheet that is debt free. We are restructuring with a goal to cut our expenses by 50 per cent in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organisation.

These are no doubt challenging times for us and we don’t underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges. We are making the difficult changes necessary to strengthen BlackBerry.”

However, many of the items included in its bullet-point list are questionable to say the least, claiming that the company offers a best in class productivity tool” in BB10, best in class mobile social network” in BBM and best of class security”.

Yes, there is a lot of competition out there and we know that BlackBerry is not for everyone,” it added. That’s OK. You have always known that BlackBerry is different, that BlackBerry can set you apart.

Countless world-changing decisions have been finalised, deals closed and critical communications made via BlackBerry. And for many of you that created a bond, a connection that goes back more than a decade.”

Harking on about the past seems of little use when there are so many pressing questions about the future.

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