Cave dabbles with IAP in iOS shooter DoDonPachi Blissful Death

In a move that temporarily outraged the purist shmup community, Cave has revealed a range of In-App Payment options for its recent iOS hit DoDonPachi Blissful Death.

Once the update lands on April 12th, the game will offer a range of free and paid-for purchases offering to tweak aspects such as the size of a ship’s hitbox or revealing the location of the high-scoring bees on each level.

Other enhancements include ‘Evasion Support’, ‘Shot Boost’ and ‘Mobility Delay’.

Newcomers to the game can choose to buy either the vanilla version or a new download including all of the extra for $17.

What makes this DLC different from other games, however, is that for ardent fans of Cave it is all about the high score tables. And obviously the idea of some players having an advantage over others – and therefore scoring disproportionately well – does not resonate well.

Fortunately, Cave has confirmed that there will be separate high score tables for those who choose to pay for IAP.

In other Cave news, the developer is still working on a fix for a bug in its most recent iOS release, Bug Princess 2, that is preventing players from uploading their high scores.

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