Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube finally gets a release date

Peter Molyneux has announced what will hopefully prove to be a final release date for his debut solo title Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube.

The game will be released on the App Store for iOS on November 7th – and that’s despite being originally submitted to Apple on October 1st.

It will be free to download though players will be able to purchase better tools (one of which will cost no less than 50,000!) with which to chip away at the cube and increase their chances of landing the still very mysterious life-changing” prize in the middle.

"The approval process was looong," Molyneux told Polygon. "Because Curiosity is so unique in both execution and concept, Apple obviously paid close attention to it. This meant it kept popping in and out of Cert. Apple have been wonderfully professional and their systems worked well."

"We also had to guard the secret of what was in the centre of the cube, with lots of back and forth, in the end we kept it secret. It was a fascinating experience. I have to say Apple were brilliant though."

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