Daydream View is Google’s new VR headset

Not one to be left behind Google has finally entered the world of VR, we’ll just ignore Google cardboard, with Daydream View.

The new VR headset is designed to be used with the new Pixel phone, which was also announced yesterday.

Much like the Samsung Gear VR, slotting your phone into the device will create a VR headset, giving you full interactive and immersive experiences in the virtual world.

The Daydream View is made with lightweight breathable fabric to keep you comfortable when it is strapped to your face. It also comes in a variety of colours and actually doesn’t look like a massive plastic monstrosity.

Also coming with the Daydream View is a controller designed for VR. It has more than a few similarities to the Wii mote, in that it can detect motion and only has a few buttons, however it should make interacting with things in VR a lot easier.

Those with a Pixel will be able to use the Daydream View for anything from watching Netflix in a virtual cinema to playing Hungry Shark World. A full list of supported apps can be seen on the Daydream site.

Arguably the most surprising news is that the Daydream View only costs 69 and will be available in November.

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