Tech compatible with Symbian, Samsung and iPhone OSes; Android and Windows Phone to follow

Dev kit â??ports apps across smartphones and padsâ??

A game tool vendor claims to have built an app development kit that can allow a game to simply port across smartphones and tablets.

UK based ‘The Game Creators’ – which has previously built tools such as 3D Gamemaker, FPS Creator and DarkBASIC – says its new App Game Kit allows programmers to “quickly code their games and have them running on multiple devices in no time.”

Set for launch next spring, the App Game Kit will support OSes for iPhones, iPads, Windows, Symbian and Samsung. Developers will have to wait until late next year for the tech to be compatible with Android, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, MeeGo and XNA.

The App Game Kit incorporates tools such as LoadImage, Sprite, and PlaySound, and allows projects can be made to scale to different screen sizes – thus allowing for devices with larger displays than smartphones.

“Developers simply code their games in AGK script using the industry standard Eclipse IDE and then compile their game app to their target platform,” the firm said.

The Game Creators’ CEO Lee Bamber said the tech will save time and money developing new apps.

No licensing fees have been announced.

“We’re sure other developers will find it invaluable and it’s also easy for hobbyist and indie developers to get started making games with,” Bamber added.

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